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Mark’s CB400f as purchased

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Locked up for a long time

Some history and background info.

The Honda CB400f or Honda 400 four was introduced in 1975 as a replacement for the CB350f, and was one of several models derived from the CB750 introduced in 1969.

It is a 408cc 4 cylinder air cooled engine with a chain driven over head camshaft operating 2 valves per cylinder, it has four 20mm carbs for fuel and a cool side swept 4 into 1 exhaust system.

The engine developed 37bhp @ 8500rpm and 24lb-ft of torque @ 7500rpm and this could see it reach around a 104mph, if you were to lean down over the tank.

The Honda engine was well refined, and although not as peppy as the Kawasaki 2 stroke tripples of the time it was smoother, quieter and better on fuel.

The 400 four was also the first Honda motorcycle to receive a 6 speed gearbox.

Mark’s 400 four.

This bike was not the bike he went to look at, but was definitely the better choice in my opinion.

Honda designed these in a cafe racer style from the off, with the low handlebars and rear set foot pegs they really are a great starting point for a cafe racer build. However; Mark doesn’t want what every one else has so the idea for The Hybrid was born, and the clue is in the title. It is to be a cafe racer/scrambler mash up in Mark’s style, which put simply, is just different from all the others, and well… who can blame him?

There are a lot of cafe racer bikes out there, and they are for the most part unique. but they are all similar so a mash up is the way forward whilst maintaining a sensible budget, and doing as much of the work as possible at home.

As you can see, the bike is in pretty good shape. However, it is apparent that it may have been in an incident in the past as the swing arm has been changed for something we have been unable to identify.

The rear mudguard has been replaced for a plastic version instead of the chrome one, also the frame has been powder coated red so we are certain the bike has been rebuilt in the past.

You may also of noticed the Mag wheels as opposed to the spoked ones that would normally be there. We have no idea if these are dealer options or if they were fitted because of a damaged rear wheel.

If this was your doing or you know some history, then please do get in touch we would love to hear from you.

Well… if you have been following the video series, you will have seen us change the tires, all the lights, ignition location fuel tank, seat, mudguards, rear suspension and more still. Much of this has required some subtle frame modification but nothing to major. We are aware that these bikes are quite collectable, but this one has enough issues in our opinion to be void of originality.

The frame will be media blasted and powder coated in a grey of Mark’s choosing and the tank will be finished in a metallic burnt orange.

The engine gearbox and any other bits that are distracting from the overall look will become black.

The new rear shocks have raised the rear of the bike a little to give more of a scrambler look along with the tires and modified mud guard to finish that look off.  

Watch out for the video series for a more in depth look.  

What does the future hold for this bike?

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