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Places, websites and stuff we like enough  to put here for you to go and look at. Simply Mustangs UK on AR Motorcycles Lowestoft

A promotional film for AJS.

Chinese SUV's in China Challenge.
The challenge was NO notice NO equipment and NO Malcolm.

Mark recently went to China and was asked one morning to review 2 SUV's with just an SJcam 4000 and a Phantom 3 with a dying battery. Immediately, he rose to the challenge and did what he could. Shocking quality, 38C, 98% humidity..this was the result! Check out this for a laugh!

Outtakes  & Bloopers 3 2019 SWM Outlaw 500. In this episode we harness the Outlaw and take it for a spin...literally.  Check out this review of the SWM 500 and let us know your thoughts...about the bike.. 1971 Mustang Mach 1 ‘Project Mac’ part 4. Oh dear!  More can be found on the Projects Page.

We were recently commissioned by AJS Motorcycles to create a 'How to buy an AJS' short film.

How to.

How to balance motorcycle carbs.

In this episode we use a 1971 Honda 500 four and balance the carbs, using cheap specialist equipment.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid UK Review. In this episode we test the new Hybrid SUV from Toyota that is the Rav4.

WARNING - Swearing will occur in this video...We hope you find this 3rd instalment of our bloopers amusing. BAD LANGUAGE Alert.

We have pieced together clips from behind the scenes, outtakes, ad-libs, bloopers and general idiot mistakes for your (hopeful) entertainment.

We continue work on Project Bob.

125 Bobber BUILD Episode 10

In this episode we are back on our bike build with metal, twists and lights.

And remember we will be giving this bike away!

There will be terms and conditions but nothing scary

We will publish these in due coarse

Project Bob.