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© TOTk 2017 Find our content  here Follow us here Email us here Contact@motorsforthemasses.co.uk Budget Cafe Scrambler build ‘The Hybrid’ part 8. Motorbike Project 1978 Honda 400 four Cafe Racer meets scrambler build. Mark takes on the Hybrid alone. Have your say and let us know your thoughts.  Previous episodes can now be found on the Projects Page. Places, websites and stuff we like enough  to put here for you to go and look at. Your home from home in Gt Yarmouth Guest House
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Project 400 Build Series. We present to you; Project 400 Budget Cafe Scrambler ‘The Hybrid’.

A Pony Car with Voodoo Magic.
Mustang GT350 UK REVIEW & 2018 comparison.

GT350 ANNIVERSARY. Driver review of an epic monstrous car but is it all it is supposed to be? Join us as we drive the GT350 and see what it is all about and whether it is worth getting or taking home the 2018 version?

This will be a series of build videos where we will convert a 1978 Honda 400 Four Super Sport
into a hybrid cafe scrambler style bike.

So follow us in our journey whilst we tackle this awesome project and also have your say,
 we read your comments and if we like what we see it may be something we implement.

Also check out the Projects page to follow this project as well as other projects we are undertaking.

Simply Mustangs UK on Out takes BLOOPERS Motors for the Masses Here is a collection of out takes and bloopers from a variety of films we have made in the last few months.  We hope you find them amusing. WARNING - SWEARING 125 Supermoto Head to Head. In this episode we pitch 2 Supermotos against each other in a head to head.  Which is better...or worse? Have your say and let us know your thoughts.