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© TOTk 2017 Find our content here Follow us here Email us here contact@motorsforthemasses.co.uk Places, websites and stuff we like enough  to put here for you to go and look at. Project 400 Build Series. We present to you; Project 400 Budget Cafe Scrambler ‘The Hybrid’.

Chinese SUV's in China Challenge.
The challenge was NO notice NO equipment and NO Malcolm.

Mark recently went to China and was asked one morning to review 2 SUV's with just an SJcam 4000 and a Phantom 3 with a dying battery. Immediately, he rose to the challenge and did what he could. Shocking quality, 38C, 98% humidity..this was the result! Check out this for a laugh!

This will be a series of build videos where we will convert a 1978 Honda 400 Four Super Sport
into a hybrid cafe scrambler style bike.

So follow us in our journey whilst we tackle this awesome project and also have your say,
 we read your comments and if we like what we see it may be something we implement.

Also check out the Projects page to follow this project as well as other projects we are undertaking.

Simply Mustangs UK on Outtakes 2 BLOOPERS In this special episode we have put together a video of MORE outtakes and bloopers  for you to enjoy and hopefully find funny.      !! WARNING BAD LANGUAGE !! 2018 Benelli BN125 VS Keeway RKS 125 Sport. In today's battle, we pitch the Euro 4 Keeway RKS Sport against the sister bike Benelli BN125. Join us and have your say.  If you have one of these, let us know your thoughts too. Introducing Find out more on the projects page. 1971 Mustang Mach 1 ‘Project Mac’ part 2. Episode 2 of the Mach1 Mustang build. Problems already as we undertake the beast project.  MANY PARTS FOR SALE and plans are starting to form.  More can be found on the Projects Page.

Massive UK Mustang meet 2018 Donington.

The Gathering 2018 Interviews, track action and a rev off with Simply Mustangs UK Massive Meet at Donington May 2018.